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Back from Lleder Hall

Lleder Hall was amazing. Anyone who gets the chance should go. We did a walk on Monday then later on in the day webdid oreentiering, where you race across an unfamiler country side with a map. We had to find numbers and punch the paper. On Tuesday we went down to the mines. Kameron really impressed me that day because he really hurt his foot and had to stop half way  up the mountian but he still carried on. Before we went up the mountian we were split into teams for the rest of the week I was in Mr Kurwin’s group, before we crossed the forest terrance we bumped into Miss Fryers group. Somebody (Kai) had forgot hois helmet so Mr Kurwin gave him his. Mr Kurwin to the rescue. Good job the rocks out of the mine didn’t fall on his head. On that day I learn’t that after the miners had have their lunch they sang to cheer them up (even if they were bad at singing). Further on in the day Mrs Whiteway, Mrs Noone and Mr Cowburn done thhe nightline with us. We had to wear goggle that were painted black. Mr Cowburn wet us and threw leaves over us, everyone thought I was hillarous doing my silly dance! On Wedensday Mr Kurwins group did gorge walking. MY FAVEROUITE!!!!!!!!!!!! Later on in that day Mr Kurwins group done the dragon slide and part of the jungle jim. Whoo! At the evening we did a campfire we toasted marshmellows Archie set  his on fire 🙂 We sang some funny songs.

Lledr hall

Lledr hall was the best. My favourite bit was canoeing. On Monday it was raining and we went for a walk,on Tuesday we went to the slate mine and it was raining and windy,on Wednesday our team went gorge walking and I went down the water fall,it was cool,Thursday our team went canoeing (my favourite❤️)and had a PARTY🎉🎈🎼🍹🍪 and on Friday we left and it took us 2 :30 hours to come back,can’t wait to see my mum,dad and brother. I miss them soooo much. The food was good too………AND GUESS WHAT……..IT WAS OLIVIA’S BIRTHDAY WHOOHOO. 🎉🎂HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVIAC🎂🎉

Orb Writing

A blazing,scorching fireball suddenly appeared directly in front of me,it was glaring at me as it approached me,contracting and expanding like muscles.Shining illuminating the air it came towards me and grew rapidly like the sun.I stumbled and tumbled as i slipped on a rock.pleading for mercy it begging on my knees hopelessly i shouted “shoo!”it suddenly disappeared.I wondered around searching for it,Suddenly Igot teleported into a barren wasteland.weeds growing like mount everest bushes waving and swaving saying ‘help’In tthe oblivious distance there was a gloomy,foggy and mysterious cave.I strolled down it and peaped around a corner.”eeeewwwww,rotten flesh!”as the ‘apprentice’ cringes.

Slimy,slippy and sour rocks stand in the distance.”The underworld!” a shadow lurking in the distance glides over the water with his bright red eyes.WHY AM I HERE,WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG?!”he yells.He vanishes into thin air like dust.Another shadow lurks in the distance,but this onw was definitely  human”I AM HADES,GOD OF THE UNDERWORLD!”He explaines.”I HAVE SET YOU UP WITH A CHALLENGE ARE YOU READY?!”He questions.”no…yehh…no…YES!”As he changes tone to mumbling to yelling.’WORSHIP ME!!!NOWWW!!!”…

Red Nose Day

Today was fab.People made an effort and at least wore something red for comic relief.Even Katie stop talking for five hours for charity and Ana in Year 6 made catchy slogans:Be funny for money and Insanity for Charity.I bet we made a lot of money today with all the fantastic clothes and faces some were even funny.Good news,whatever we earned as a school will be doubled from the government.The aim for Comic Relief is for 300,000 kids to get a chance for education in Africa.So well done for dressing up and giving one pound and one pound only might not be a lot but it is when it goes with everyone’s money together.I’m gonna post how much money we spent altogether when i find out so keep checking the blog.Do you think England can reach up to 300,000 children to get a chance in education ?

High Schools

High schools are great I got into All Hallows. So happy!

Maths Club

Sir’s maths club is the best!

A new term

We have been watching The planets I really enjoyed writing about it and I also enjoyed learning about Kiss.I really understood ratio.I really enjoyed learning about  how to group animals.

World Book Day

World book day was amazing today,I especially loved the fab outfits in our school.Many people don’t just sit there and buy a costume,they get up and make their own and be creative.Here are some fab pictures of World book Day!!!

I hope everyone had a great day.I know i did.

By Rolinie Yono

Twitter and blog

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